This was a pitch for DraftFCB for Motorola's unannounced (at the time) fitness tracker, the MotoACTV. It was intended to play in a kiosk, in a vertical formated screen, and in the device itself as a "Welcome" message. 

This pitch was produced at Bl:nd NYC
An athlete runs at us at a frenetic pace, with the MotoActive strapped to their arm. Our wide angle camerafollows from a low angle, looking up. As we swing around we see some soft light reflecting off a flat surface,indicating that they are behind, or in, a sheet of glass. Upon the glass surface a grid emerges. The glasssurface transforms in to hundreds of glass cubes, with the same reflected surface as the device. The cubesswing across our frame to reveal typography and the infinite Cube-averse. In the far distance the blastedapart cubes coalesce into directional shapes. In the foreground a few cubes recombine to form visual portalsof the devices UI and a detail of the athletic activity. Dust particles define the atmosphere. In a swift move thecubes, rotating and spinning, cluster back together into a solid screen, showing a competitive cyclistpumping through a time trial. We swing around the bicyclist triggering another explosive sequence into theCube-averse. In the final transition the cube's come together to form the shape of the device. The devicefloats in space. A welcome message appears in the screen, "Knowledge Is Power". The device races towardsthe screen. It's own image of it's self slams screen to screen, triggering the device's vibration alert, which isfelt by the person holding the device
Daily Victory
A finish line ribbon stretches across areas of athleticism, 1/4 mile track, bike lane, gym, hiking trail, thestreet. Long mannered shots cut from wide angles to tighter close ups. In an extreme close up of the ribbon,an out of focus athlete approaches from the background in slow-motion, the MotoActive strapped to theirarm. As the athlete comes into focus they stretch and eventually snap the ribbon. The snap triggers anexplosion of pixels. The pixels fly towards the camera. They reform into typography and a screen of thedevices UI. As the athlete finishes passing through the frame, the vacuum of air trailing behind pulls some of the pixels along. After the first tape snap, the pace of the editing increases and the next sequences ofsnap-explosion-pixels comes quickly. In the final sequence the pixels come together to form the device. Asthe device floats in space, a welcome message appears in the screen, "Knowledge Is Power". A ribbon gentlyfalls across the face of the device. In a surge of strength, the device races towards the screen. Snapping thatfinal ribbon, It's own image of it's self slams screen to screen, triggering the device's vibration alert, whichis felt by the person holding the device, signaling another daily victory for the athlete, over themselves.
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